TÜBİTAK – MSRT (Iran) 2022 Call Results Announced!

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17 joint projects have been decided to be supported within the framework of the 2022 Bilateral Cooperation Call applied between TÜBITAK and MSRT (the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology).

These joint projects that will be supported are found below:

Principal Investigator in Türkiye

Institute (Türkiye)

Principal Investigator in Iran

Institute (Iran)

Project Title

Dr. Ahsanollah Beglarıgale

Istanbul Okan University

Dr. Hamid Ghasemimeyghani

Arak University of Technology

Modeling, Simulation and Prototyping of the Intrinsic Self-Sensing Concrete

Prof. Dr. Ali Kara

Gazi University

Assoc. Prof. Pejman Mohammadi

Islamic Azad University of Urmia

Compact Size and Highly Sensitive Non-Invasive Radio-Frequency (RF) Sensor for Blood Glucose Level (BGL) Monitoring

Prof. Dr. Atıf Koca

Marmara University

Dr. Mehdi  Mehrpooya

University of Tehran

Metal Organic Framework (MOF) derived bifunctional electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) of water electrolysis

Doç. Dr. Batur Ercan

Middle East Technical University

Assoc. Prof. Masoud Atapour

Isfahan University of Technology

Bioactive and Antibacterial Multilayer Coatings for Additively Manufactured Porous Ti6Al4V Implants

Prof. Dr. Gülcan Bozkaya

Pamukkale University

Dr. Mohsen  Rezaei

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

Geothermometry and geochemistry of petroleum inclusions from Ahvaz oil field in order to determine migration pathway

Prof. Dr. Hasan Dinçer

Istanbul Medipol University

Assoc. Prof. Bijan  Abadi

University of Maragheh

Wind Energy Development in Iran: Contribution of Landowners, Experts, and Private Investors

Prof. Dr. Hatice Güneş Özhan


Biomedicine and

Genome Center


Dr. Mehdi Totonchi

Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology

Discovering the genetic causes of idiopathic infertility due to meiotic arrest and elucidating the functional roles of the mutated genes

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ertuğrul

Atatürk University

Prof. Dr. Hossen  Ghaforyan

Payame Noor University

Production of Cu and Al ultraconductors with high ampacity and electrical conductivity by the combination of pulsed electro-deposition technique and high-frequency AC voltage

Doç. Dr. Nader Javani

Yıldız Technical University

Dr. Kazem  Zare

University of Tabriz

 Economic-Environmental and Risk Analyze of Multi-Energy Microgrids using  Power-to-X Conversion Technologies

Prof. Dr. Nevin Taşaltın

Maltepe University

Assist. Prof.  Shoaib  Khanmohammadi

Kermanshah University of Technology

Preparation of Novel Polymer-Borophene Nanocomposite and Polymer-Silicene Nanocomposite Based Thermoelectric Generator Panels that Convert Waste Heat to Electrical Energy

Doç. Dr. Nilay Gizli

Ege University

Prof. Dr. Mahmood Kazemzad Asiabi

Materials and Energy Research Center, Iran

Design and Evaluation of Novel MOF-Silica Aerogel Composites for CO2 Capture from Dilute Streams

Prof. Dr. Nizami Duran

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University

Dr. Fereshteh Rahimi

University of Tehran

Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibillity Tests by pH-responsive Hydrogel Capped Porous silicon in Microfluidic System via Reflection measurement

Prof. Dr. Muhammed Atamanalp

Atatürk University

Assoc. Prof. Salar Dorafshan

Isfahan University

Effect of dietary stinging nettle, Urtica dioica root extract on performance, immunity and sex-reversal of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

Prof. Dr. Pınar Huri

Ankara University

Dr. Mehdi Mehdikhani

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Novel bilayer membrane to release diltiazem hydrochloride for accelerating wound healing

Prof. Dr. Serhat Akın

Middle East Technical University

Dr. Arezou Jafari

Tarbiat Modares University

Heavy oil in situ upgrading to enhance oil recovery using new generation of catalysts based on industrial waste

Doç. Dr. Temel Varol

Karadeniz Technical University

Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud  Ebrahimi

University of Maragheh

Hierarchically Structured Functional AA2024 Aerospace Alloy Processed by Hybrid Additive Manufacturing and Surface Engineering

Dr. Umut Aydemir

Koç University

Assoc. Prof. Ali Rajabpour

Imam Khomeini International University

Developing micro/nano complex metal oxides and composites with zero or negative thermal expansion behavior for industrial applications

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