TUBITAK’s new funding program, “1514 Venture Capital Support Program”, was accepted

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The new 1514 Venture Capital Support Program was designed to create venture capitals that will allow investing in Technology based start-ups. The codes of practice of the program have been published on the internet.

TUBITAK’s new 1514 Venture Capital Support Program has been designed to add value to Turkish economy through providing the needed capital to early stage corporates, like SMES, in the process of commercialization of their newly developed R&D products and technologies.

Codes of practice of the new program have been accepted by the Scientific Board of TUBITAK on 7 April 2018; and will enter into force following the treaty, between TUBITAK and Secretariat for the Treasury, which will be signed after the prior decision of the Council of Ministers to be issued under the Law No. 4749 on the Regulation of Public Finance and Debt Management.

Please click to reach further information, regulations and presentation of the program.

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