1002 - B Emergency Support Module

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The aim of the Emergency Support Module is to provide a faster evaluation process for the project proposals that will be prepared for the elimination of problems that may arise in urgent or unpredictable situations or for the project proposals that request support for supplementary research material and access to data etc. needed within the scope of an ongoing research.


In the scope of 1002-A; the aim of providing support to short-term and low-budget research and development projects will continue, non-urgent project proposals will be submitted. Except projects carried out within the scope of TÜBİTAK support programs, for projects in other institutions/organizations or carried out with the support of Scientific Research Projects (BAP) in universities, support for additional resource requests can be requested within the scope of 1002-A. In the scope of 1002-B, as projects are being held to a faster evaluation process, supplementary supports needed in part of another research project (including TÜBİTAK projects (*)) or supports for needs as data collection, access to research material, device purchase, maintenance-repair expenses etc. arising from the research projects presented for the elimination of problems that may arise in urgent or unpredictable situations will be provided.

(*) In the scope of this program, applications for a project work that already needs to be done in an ongoing TÜBİTAK project will not be accepted. However, an application for a new project work that will appear after or during an ongoing project will be accepted.

Project duration

Project duration can be up to 6 months.

Project Budget

For the project proposals whose applications have been approved as of July 28, 2023, the budget limit (including the scholarship included) is 60.000 TL per year. Project Incentive Bonus (PTİ) payments are not made to principal investigators, researchers and consultants within the scope of this module.

The upper limits for scholarships are given below.

Scholarship Upper Limits




Undergraduate Student



MSc Student

13.500.- TRY/month

4.000.- TRY/month

PhD student

20.000.- TRY/month

5.500.- TRY/month


27.000.- TRY/month



Scholarship upper limits stated above have been valid as of January 1, 2024.