Initiation of the Project

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The researcher to be supported should start his research by sending the following documents as soon as possible after the support decision. The coordinator may request to postpone the project start date for a maximum of 6 months due to force majeure.

  • In case the coordinator is working in public research centers, the letter of approval to be obtained from the highest official of the public institution to which the relevant public research center is affiliated,
  • It should be obtained before research if the study requires any legal / special permission certificate and/or Ethics Committee certificate (animal experiments ethics committees, clinical trials ethics committees and non-interventional human trials ethics committees).
  • (See TÜBİTAK Ethics Committee Approval Document Information Note and TÜBİTAK Legal / Special Permit Information Note)
  • Project proposal and "Approved Application Document" which was automatically generated by the system during application
  • The original or certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate related to the latest education (a certified Turkish translation of the diploma other than Turkish or English must be sent.
  • If any, the support letters to be received from the people / institutions / organizations to be benefited within the scope of the project