Terms of Application

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Researchers who will apply to the program must be working in Turkey as of the first day of the application.
As of the date of application, any of the following work experiences must be provided.

  • After doctorate degree, researchers having at least 4 years of research experience and working as at least a faculty member at a university or a team leader in a public research center or researchers who have conducted independent academic research.
  • Researchers from the private sector with 6 years of full-time research experience after their bachelor's degree, provided that they work in the private sector for at least 3 years (maximum 1 year of completed master's education with thesis or maximum 3 years of completed doctorate education is considered within this scope).

At least 2 of the following a, b, c, d options must be provided:

  1. Provided that the number of publications* of the executive is at least 10, at least 50% of all publications* are included in journals in the 25% / Q1 with the most citations
  2. Scopus Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) or WoS Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) value** of the researcher is greater than 1
  3. Having a completed *** European Research Council (ERC) project or has been a coordinator in the research and innovation action and innovation action (RIA / IA) projects within the scope of Horizon 2020
  4. Having received TUBITAK Science or TUBITAK Special or TUBA Academy award.

* Publications in the type of articles and reviews in internationally indexed journals defined by Scopus or articles and reviews in internationally indexed journals defined by WoS will be considered (Source: Scopus-Scival CiteScore, SNIP, SJR; WoS-InCites)
** In international indexed journals defined by Scopus, articles and reviews where the author is the first author, last author, responsible author and sole author (Scopus: SciVal) or articles and reviews in which the author is the first author, last author and responsible author in internationally indexed journals defined by WoS (WoS-Incites)
*** Researchers whose projects will be completed by the end of 2021 will also be able to apply for the program.