1003 - Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program

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About Funding Programme

The purpose of this programme is to support R&D projects conducted in Turkey, having focused and trackable objectives in the scope of National Science Tecnology and Innovation Strategy and compatible with dynamics of science/technology. This programme also aims to provide coordination between such research activities.


  • Small Scale Projects: max. 24 months
  • Medium & Large Scale Projects: max. 36 months


Budget limits (including bursaries; except project ıncentive bonus and institutional share) are as follows:

  • Small Scale Projects: 750.000 TL
  • Medium Scale Projects: 1.500.000 TL (750.001-1.500.000)
  • Large Scale Projects: 3.750.000 TL (1.500.001-3.750.000)

Upper limits for bursaries are as follows:

Upper Limits for Bursaries




Undergraduate Student

1.250 TL / month


MSc Student

4.250 TL / month

1.250 TL / month

PhD Student

5.500 TL / month

1.750 TL / month

Post-Doc Researcher

7.500 TL / month


Budgets requested for machinary and equipment should have a balanced proportion with regard to the total budget. Project proposals aiming setting up research infrastructure are not supported in the scope of this programme.