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Project applications made to the support program are evaluated only electronically via the online application (Project Evaluation and Monitoring System -PRODİS) at

The referees assigned to evaluate the project perform their evaluations in accordance with the Practice Principles of this program and the contract made with them, by reviewing the project proposal document submitted by the companies in accordance with the evaluation report and guide and visiting the company on site, and submitting the report to TÜBİTAK in accordance with the guideline in electronic environment on PRODIS.

During the visits of the referees, the company is expected to make a presentation on the subject, the project manager, the staff and the technical consultants who will contribute to the project activities during the visit. Referees can request the explanations they need from the organization before preparing the AGY200 report.

Project Proposal Evaluation Report Preparation Guide

Project Evaluation Form (Cannot be used as a report, for information purposes


Referee Information Note

Evaluation Fee Table and Rules to be Applied

Referee / Audience Spending Schedule

Sample Referee Agreement

Sample Audience Agreement