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Supported projects are evaluated only electronically via the online application (Project Evaluation and Monitoring System -PRODİS) at

They carry out the evaluation of the audience, who are assigned to monitor and evaluate the project, by reviewing the monitoring report and guide within the framework of the project proposal information and support decision letter and visiting the company on site, and submitting the report to our Agency in accordance with the guide in the electronic environment on PRODIS.

During the company visits, the audience is expected to make a presentation on the subject, the project manager, staff and technical consultants who will contribute to the project activities. The audience can request the necessary explanations from the organization.

R&D Assistance Request Form (AGY300) (Cannot be used as a report, it is for information purposes

R&D Help Request Form Preparation Guide

Periodic Monitoring Report (AGY400) (It cannot be used as a report, it is for information purposes only

Periodic Monitoring Report Preparation Guide

Financial Report

Financial Report Preparation Guide

SME Declaration

SME Declaration Information Note

Project Result Report AGY350 (Only prepared in the final period of the project and electronically via PRODİS


Deeds of assignment

Certificate of Assignment Note and Example of Certificate of Appeal


Transfer Payment

Transfer Payment Information Note

Transfer Payment Company Request Petition

Transfer Payment Letter of Guarantee Example

Letter of Guarantee Return Sample Petition

Letter of Guarantee Return Petition Example Cargo

Letter of Guarantee Return Process

SGK Debt Postponement Configuration Letter


Company Payments

Tax and SGK Examples

Petition Processing Petition

Petition for IBAN Change