1507 - TUBITAK SME R&D Start-up Support Programme

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TÜBİTAK SME R&D Start-Up Support Programme (1507) aims at increasing the research‐technology development capability, innovation culture and competitiveness of SMEs. The program was established in 2007. The program provide support as grant for SMEs

SMEs supported by the programme are expected to be more competitive in developing their technology and innovation, to systematically run projects, to develop products with high added value, to have a corporate research technology development culture and to effectively participate in national and international funding programs.

Project proposals submitted to the 1507 programme are evaluated and monitored under the relevant technology group:

  • Machinery, Manufacturing Technologies Group (MAKITEG)
  • Materials, Metallurgical and Chemical Technologies Group (METATEG)
  • Electrical, Electronic Technologies Group (ELOTEG)
  • Information Technologies Group (BILTEG)
  • Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Food Technologies Group (BIYOTEG)
  • Transportation, Defence, Energy and Textile Technologies Group (USETEG)


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