1507 - TUBITAK SME R&D Start-up Support Programme

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R&D is innovative activities carried out on a systematic basis in order to increase scientific and technical knowledge, and the use of knowledge in new applications (product, process). Innovation, on the other hand, refers to a set of scientific, technological, financial and commercial activities aimed at transforming an idea into an improved or new and salable product or process.

With the 1507 SME R&D Startup Support Program, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be more competitive by improving their technology and innovation capacities, be able to carry out systematic projects, develop products with high added value, have a corporate research technology development culture, national and international support to take part more effectively in their programmes.

1507 SME R&D Support Program is carried out on call.

The support provided is in the form of grants (non-refundable).

Unless otherwise stated in the call announcement, there is no subject limitation for projects. Applications can be made for R&D projects from all sectors and all technology fields.

The project support period is specified in the call announcement and cannot exceed 18 months in accordance with the Implementation Principles of the Program. The project budget is maximum 2,400,000 TL. It is aimed to support the first 5 projects of the company, both of which are partners, by TUBITAK. Limit on the number of projects to be submitted within the scope of the call, etc. other special conditions are specified in the call announcements.

1507-SME R&D Initial Support Program Click to access the 1st Call document for 2023. 


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