Mentor Interface (BIGG +) Call

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More than 99% of enterprises in Turkey is small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) status. SMEs need increased productivity, growth and institutionalization in order to overcome the competitive pressure brought by economic and technological changes. Access to external information resources and development of in-house learning competencies are important factors in meeting these needs. SMEs can increase their awareness of compliance with competitive conditions with the mentoring service and solve problems they encounter in the change process more easily.
TÜBİTAK TEYDEB conducts various programs to support the R&D and innovation projects of SMEs. However, transforming the results obtained from R&D and innovation activities into economic value in a sustainable way is a multi-dimensional process. SMEs being able to commercialize the outputs obtained from these projects more quickly; it is considered that the mentoring mechanism can be an effective tool in matters such as improving their R&D and innovation capacities and developing products and processes that they can provide a competitive advantage in the market.
With the Mentor Trainer Call, a Mentor Pool was created from people with knowledge and experience in different fields. The pool created by this call can be updated and used by Interfaces when necessary.
In order to use the public resources devoted to the Research and Innovation areas more effectively and efficiently, the mentoring mechanism is developed as a reason for this call to commercialize the products and services of SMEs supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK TEYDEB Programs, to enter new markets and increase their export capacities.
The aim of this call is to increase the competitive power of domestic and international markets by introducing innovative products of SMEs that benefit from TÜBİTAK R&D and innovation supports with a qualified mentoring mechanism. SMEs receiving mentoring services are expected to improve in the following areas:
- Increase in turnover
- Increase in current market share
- Entry into new markets
- Overseas sales or increase in current overseas sales.