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Scope of the Support

Targeted Group and Scope of Scholarship

Targeted Group:

  1. Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree
  2. Applicants who are currently enrolled in their fourth year of college
  3. Applicants who are currently enrolled in a graduate (MSc. or PhD.) program
  4. Applicants holding a graduate (MSc. or PhD) degree.

Scope of Scholarship:

  1. Travel Expenses
  2. Monthly living expenses,
  3. Tuition Fees,
  4. Health Insurance Fee

Scientific Fields:

Scope of the Support

Scope of the Support

Within the scope of 2205-Undergraduate Scholarship Program, support is given for Turkish Citizens who received medals in the National Science Olympiads, the International Science Olympiads and the International Project Contest as well as having undergraduate education on basic science and social sciences programs determined by TÜBİTAK.

Scope of Support

The BiGG + Mentor Interface Call was opened with the aim of supporting activities for the establishment and implementation of mentoring mechanisms to increase business development and innovation capacities of SMEs.

Scope of Support

Within the scope of 1501 TUBITAK Industrial R&D Projects Grant Program, within the framework of innovation definition; R&D projects are supported to produce a new product, to develop and improve an existing product, to raise the product quality or standard, or to develop new techniques and new technologies that reduce costs. The support rate for each period of the project is 75% with a fixed rate. The duration of the support is maximum thirty-six (36) months on a project basis.


Project Application and Evaluation Process

1) Call Announcement:

Call Announcement defines the subject of the call includes the application conditions such as the field of technology, the cooperation structure to realize the project, the project budget upper limit, the project duration upper limit and the project proposal application dates is published by TUBITAK on TEYDEB website.

2) New User Registration:


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