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Scope of Support

The program provides funding for R&D projects aiming to;

  1. develop or upgrade new products
  2. develop new techniques to save the cost and/or increase the quality and standard of a product
  3. develop new production technologies


Scope of Support

  • In this Program, university – industry collaboration projects are supported in the form of grant for a maximum duration of 24 months.
  • Projects should involve a technology provider (university or public research institution) and a client (large firm or SME).
  • 60% to 75% of the project budget is funded by TUBİTAK. The remaining project budget is covered by the client, depending on its size. Client co-finance is 40% for large firms and 25% for SME's.
  • Project budget may consist of the following items:

Support Coverage

  • Program consists of two phases, namely “Institutional Capacity Building” and “Target Oriented Growth”.
  • The maximum duration of the support in both stages is 5 years. A technology transfer office may benefit from this Program for 10 years.
  • The budget upper limit for the Institutional Capacity Building Phase is 1.250.000 TL per year, and the budget cap for the Target Oriented Growth Phase is 1.750.000 TL per year.
  • Project budget may consist of the following items:

Important Issues

For national patent applications

National Patent Application Research Report Support/National Patent Examination Report Support applications are made with forms filled while requesting for research report/examination report from the TURKPATENT internet address (

Granted Patent Prize, Patent Attorney Support and Granted Patent Attorney Prize applications are submitted to TÜBİTAK.

Support Scope

National Patent Applications

•   Research Report Support,

•    Examination Report Support,

•    Patent Attorney Prize for national patent applications submitted with a patent attorney,

•    Granted Patent Prize for patent applicants and patent attorneys

are provided for national patent applications to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT).

Support Coverage

Support period for R&D Laboratory is five (5) years. However, this period can be extended for a maximum of five (5) years upon the decision of the Executive Committee and the approval of the Presidency.
Laboratories supported under the program are supported as grant (refunds) within the support period.
The support amount in a calendar year cannot exceed ten (10) million TL.

Important Considerations

Legal Structure of Funds

Within the scope of the program the legal structure of the Venture Capital Funds may be any of the following:

• Venture Capital Investment Funds or Venture Capital Investment Company subject to the legislation of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey

• Funds that can invest in ventures resident in Turkey established within the framework of the relevant country legislation (except for countries covered by the black list announced by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD)).

Scope of Grant

Grant Amount

The amount of grant support that TÜBİTAK can allocate to each institution within the scope of the call minimum 2 Million TL, maximum 20 Million TL.

Scope and Rate of Support


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