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Method of Application

  • To be able to submit the online application form to TÜBİTAK, the candidate must first create a profile on the platform in the TÜBİTAK Researcher Information System (ARBIS) that is available at https://arbis.tubitak.gov.tr/home.jsf
    The information of the researchers in the Researcher Information System (ARBIS) to apply for the programme and the academic advisor(s) in Türkiye must be up-to-date before applying online.
  • Applications are submitted online via the TÜBİTAK online application system through tybs.tubitak.gov.tr within the dates indicated in the call announcement.
  • During the application stage, it is sufficient to upload the documents into the application system and they are not required to be delivered to BIDEB by email or post.
  • Documents to be uploaded to the application system must be in English. Documents prepared in other languages must be accompanied by their certified English translations.

Within the application period, the application can be withdrawn from the online system.  After the application period is over, a signed petition stating the application year and period for withdrawal process in the evaluation stage should be sent to BIDEB. An update will be made after the petition reaches to BIDEB.

Application Documents

It is mandatory to upload the documents listed below to the application system, during the online application period. Templates for these documents are available for download.

  • Research proposal form prepared in the format determined by TÜBİTAK;
  • Acceptance letter of the candidate's chosen host institute in Türkiye signed by the Head of the institute. (Without preliminary acceptance, the application will not be considered for selection);*
  • Scanned copy of the identity and visa sections of the passport;
  • English proficiency certificate. **

Additional documents specific to doctoral students

  • The official/notarized copy of the Master degree’s certificate;
  • The official Registration & No Objection Certificate indicating that the candidate is registered as a PhD student abroad and that he/she is successful in PhD proficiency exam/being an advanced stage of their PhD research is taken in the last three months before the application date (It can also mention briefly the timeline and research work planned).

Additional documents specific to postdoctoral researchers

  • The official/notarized copy of PhD diploma. If the diploma of the applicant is not ready, a temporary graduation certificate or an official letter on the applicant’s graduation can be accepted;
  • Supporting statement from the head/director of the applicant’s current employer on official headed paper to prove that you are employed there and will be given leave, if granted the award.

* The acceptance letter must be written on the letterhead of the inviting institution and signed by the highest authority of the Host Institute in Türkiye. The maximum number of academic advisors in Türkiye can be 2.

**If the medium of education was not English: provide evidence in English, e.g. standardized test card (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) or a home university-issued letter certifying the knowledge of the language. If medium of education was English, please write a brief statement indicating what type of education was in English, e.g. high school, BSc or MSc degrees. This statement must be signed and dated by the applicant.