NEURON Cofund2 Project 2024 Joint International Call Preliminary Announcement

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ERA-NET NEURON Project 2024 Joint International Call (JTC 2024) is planned to launch on 08 January 2024. In the JTC 2024 call, researchers working in Türkiye will be supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK, 1071 Support Programme for Increasing Capacity to Benefit from International Research Funds and Participation in International R&D Cooperation.

The goal of the call is to support multinational, collaborative research projects that will address critical translational and clinical questions to advance knowledge of the role of bidirectional central nervous system-body interactions in the occurrence and progression of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

The current call aims to fund preclinical research to proof-of-concept clinical trials addressing the pathophysiology and therapeutic developments of neurological or psychiatric disorders associated with bidirectional brain-body interactions. Research areas can cover a wide range of aspects, such as genetics, epigenetics and molecular mechanisms of disease. It may include research on the role of the immune system, gut and microbiome, metabolic system, autonomic system, hormonal system in neurological or psychiatric disorders. The call includes the development of preventive, diagnostic and/or therapeutic approaches, including technological developments based on pharmacological studies and pathophysiological mechanisms.

Only international projects will be financed. Each consortium that will submit a proposal must consist of research groups from at least three different countries funded by the organizations specified in the international call text. The number of research groups in a consortium is limited to five. A maximum of two research groups can be from the same country. The number of partners in consortiums can be increased to six, including partners from countries that are underrepresented up to date in the ERA-NET NEURON funding scheme. Researchers from non-funding countries can also take part in projects, if they provide their own funding sources and demonstrate their additional contribution to the consortium, not exceeding the number of research groups mentioned above.

A two-stage international evaluation will be made for the call by the ERA-NET NEURON Joint Call Secretariat. Candidates who are successful as a result of the international external reviewer evaluation from the pre-proposal proposals received in the first stage will be invited for full proposals in the second stage.

You can access the international preliminary announcement on the page and international network tools at network page.

Detailed information about the application and national and international application conditions will be shared again on the TUBITAK homepage after the call is opened.


Contact Person

Dr. Recep Emrah ÇEVİK

TÜBİTAK, Sağlık Bilimleri Araştırma Destek Grubu (SBAG)

Tel: 0 312 298 1214


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