Scientific Evaluation Results of 1001 Projects Which Were Given The Opportunity To Be Revised And Resubmitted In the 1st Term of 2023 Without Waiting For The Next Term Have Been Announced

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The projects submitted within the scope of "1001-Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program" in the 1st term of 2023 and were allowed to be resubmitted without waiting for the next term, were evaluated and it is decided to support 102 out of 131 project proposals while to conditionally accept 6 project proposals provided that shortcomings specified in the scientific evaluation reports are revised.


Support rate for the projects allowed to be resubmitted without waiting for the next term has raised to 82,4% in the 1st term of 2023 from 66,5%, which is support rate of those projects in the 2nd term of 2022.


While the support rate for projects submitted in the 1st term of 2023 within the scope of the 1001 program was 17.3%, the support rate increased to 24.3% with the projects that were allowed to be resubmitted without waiting for the next term.


The coordinators of the projects whose panel evaluation process was concluded positively and the institutions they are affiliated with are given below:



Evaluation reports regarding the projects will be available at within one week at the latest. Project proposal owners, whose projects were decided to be supported, are required to fill in the TÜBİTAK Budget Table (according to the budget requested in the project proposal) within one week after receiving the evaluation report and upload it to the system at


We would like to thank our panelists and moderators who took part in the scientific evaluation processes of the projects for their invaluable contributions.


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