TÜBİTAK BIDEB PhD Scholarship Programs 2018/1st Term Application Results

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• 2211 / A - General Domestic Doctoral Scholarship Program
• 2211 / B - Domestic Transition to Social Sciences PhD Scholarship Program the results of the 1st semester of 2018 are announced.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The evaluations of the applications for 2210/A, 2210/B, 2210/C, 2210/D, 2211/C and 2211/D programs for the first semester of 2018 are still in progress.


PhD scholarship applications for the first semester of 2018 have been evaluated and students who are eligible to receive scholarships have been determined.


The results can be seen under "Application Status" after the entry to e-bideb (http://e-bideb.tubitak.gov.tr) system.


The scholarships of those who are eligible to receive, will be started if they fill in the "Scholarship Information Form" of the program for which scholarships are awarded in e-BIDEB application system between 28 May 2018 (08:30) - 8 June 2018 (17:30) and submit their documents to BİDEB by taking into consideration the list of documents which are linked in the same system no later than 17:30 on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


e-BİDEB Form Opening Date: May 28, 2018, Time: 08:30

e-BİDEB Form Last Login Date: 8 June 2018, Time: 17:30

Deadline for document acceptance: June 12, 2018, Time: 17.30

Shipping address: TÜBİTAK-BIDEB (program code/please enter the Code of the program you are awarded as a scholarship candidate.) Akay Caddesi No: 6, 06420 Bakanlıklar/Ankara

Those who will send their documents via PTT or cargo companies can do the follow-up of the shipment through the channel they use. Please do not ask by telephone or e-mail whether the documents have been reached.


Those who will submit their documents manually will be asked to make the necessary checks and regulations than submit their documents to the General Documents Directorate


Candidates are encouraged to register bideb2211@tubitak.gov.tr ​​address to their e-mail accounts in order to ensure that the e-mails sent are not included in the junk / spam box.


Scholarships valid from 1 March 2018 will be paid collectively after review of the documents to be delivered until Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 17:30, and approval of the expenditure is received. When payments are made, you will be informed by e-mail. We ask you that please wait for the process to be completed and do not ask questions via e-mail or phone.



1-In line with the ongoing studies within the framework of the "Decree Law On Measures Taken Within The Scope Of The State Of Emergency (OHAL)" published in the Official Gazette, if a negative situation arises, the scholarship

2- the scholarship candidates of those who do not send any of the required documents to TÜBİTAK-BIDEB until the deadline of submission of documents according to the description of the requested documents as a result of the examination of the documents, or those who are found to be in any way unfavorable to the conditions determined by the conditions of the documents are not based on the university's grading system, fall below the base evaluation score for new evaluation scores, the scholarship holder will be cancelled.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients.