Terms of Application

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Terms of Application

a. The application must be made by the meeting coordinator (natural person) who is on the organizing board of the meeting, residing in the country and works in a university / education and research hospital / research institute,

b. The meeting will be held with minimum 100 participants,

c. The meeting must be a refereed meeting,

d. The meeting must be organized every 4 years at most,

e. At least the second of the meeting will be organized,

f. To have a unique and up-to-date web page with information about the meeting to be organized, (The subject, purpose, scope, place and date of the meeting should be clearly stated on the website with the members of the organizing board and scientific committee. Announcements are not accepted as the original website. The website with the specified contents of the meeting for which support is requested must be completed and active as of the closing date of the relevant application period. Regulations after this date will not be considered.)

g. The organizing board of the meeting must consist of competent scientists registered in the database of TUBITAK Researcher Information System (ARBIS) (ARBIS membership is not required for foreigners living abroad)

h. The meeting coordinator has not been supported from this support program more than once in the last 1 year, based on the starting date of the meeting *,

i. Members of the event organizing committee must consist of minimum 3 scientists from different universities / research organizations from within the country (In case the members are from a smaller number of different universities / research institutions, the meeting will be accepted as an in-house meeting and will be returned at the preliminary examination stage without scientific evaluation. )

j. Not being dismissed from the profession, public service or from the organization of the relevant institutions directly or within the framework of the procedures stipulated in the Decree Laws enacted under the state of emergency,

k. There must be a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 240 days between the starting date of the meeting and the deadline for the application period. (Applications made after the event has been organized will not be accepted.)

* More than one support is not given for the same meeting in the last year. If the activity type is a workshop or colloquium, the conditions in articles b, c, d, e and i are not required.