Evaluation Criteria

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A scientific evaluation is carried out by expert panelists/consultants based on the evaluation criteria.


1.1.The Quality and credibility of the research/innovation project; level of novelty, inter/multidisciplinary aspects.

1.2.The Quality and appropriateness of the training and of the two-way transfer of knowledge between the researcher and the host.

1.3.The scientific competence of the academic advisor(s) in Türkiye and the integration of the researcher with the institution/organization in which the research will be conducted


2.1.Consistent and effective methodology and work plan: Work packages, Success Criteria.

2.2.Compliance of project management structure and monitoring processes including risk management.

2.3.Appropriateness of the infrastructure of the institution/organization to which the research will be conducted.


3.1.Widespread impact of project outputs.

3.2.Quality of delivery of project activities to different target groups.

3.3.Effects on career development of young researcher.