Who Can Apply

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A. Principal investigators (PI), Researchers (excluding researchers outside Türkiye) and Consultants:

The principal investigator must have at least four years of university undergraduate education and must be permanent/full-time staff (except for retired people and post-doctoral researchers who do not work in any institution/organization) of the institution (higher education institutions, public institutions or private institutions) where the project will be carried out.

Ph.D. students / specialization students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine / proficiency students in arts; They can apply as a principal investigator from the institution/organization where the project will be carried out (the higher education institution of which they are a student), without seeking a permanent job in any institution/organization, provided that they do not receive PTI.

Researchers or consultants who will take part in the project team must have at least four years of university undergraduate education and must be permanent staff (excluding retirees and post-doctoral researchers not working in any institution/organization) of the participating institution/organization.

In projects to be carried out in a private institution, the principal investigator must work in that institution for at least six months as of the proposal date of the project.

Applications from foundations, associations and their economic enterprises, cooperatives, unions, sole proprietorships and ordinary partnerships are not accepted within the scope of this program.

Principal investigator, researchers and consultants (except for researchers and consultants outside Türkiye) must reside within the borders of the Republic of Türkiye (a foreign national can take part in the project as an executive/researcher/consultant on the condition of working in an institution/organization within the borders of Türkiye).

Persons with a contribution rate of less than 10% in the project cannot work as researchers, but they can be consultants. In order for a consultant (*) to be involved in a project, the project must have a subject or subjects that require special expertise, and this must be stated with justification in the project proposal. The number of consultants to take part in a project is limited to the number of subjects that require special expertise in that project.

Retirees who do not work in any institution can take part in the project team as an executive, researcher or consultant, provided that they do not receive PTİ, and post-doctoral researchers can take part as principal investigator or researcher. (According to the expression regarding PTİ payments in paragraph 2 of Article 16 of the Law on the Establishment of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye, PTİ payments can only be made to those who are in the staff and positions of public institutions or organizations). In order for retirees and post-doctoral researchers to be principal investigators, approval must be given by the senior official of the institution/organization where the project will be carried out, that they can take part in the project.

B. Researchers outside Türkiye

The requirements for researchers outside Türkiye to take part in Project;

· In supported projects, foreign / Turkish researchers residing abroad may take part as researchers, provided that they work in the project for 30 days or more, including the trip during each visit, with legal obligations belonging to the institution where the project is carried out,

· The foreign researcher who will take part in the project should be able to carry out and lead/guide a part of the project in which the competence of researchers in our country is limited, in the institutions of our country with the project team.

· The travel expenses of the researchers in question and 50% of the full-time monthly gross fees they receive abroad in the same period of time, for the time they took part in the Project, are covered as service cost from the project. If the 50% of the full-time monthly gross fee that the researcher receives abroad is less than the “2221-Konuk veya Akademik İzinli (Sabbatical) Bilim İnsanı Destekleme Programı” coordinated by BİDEB, the highest monthly fee provided under that program is used.

· These researchers can take part in more than one project supported by TÜBİTAK however they can get fee only from one project. The number of foreign researchers that can take part in a project is limited to one.


C. Scholar

Undergraduate, graduate students (except for special students and prep students) and “Research Assistants” studying in higher education institutions in Türkiye and post-doc researchers can take part as scholar in projects.

Undergraduate scholar should not work in any institution. If the student fails the class, scholarship is stopped. At most, 4 undergrad scholars can take part in one project.

The requirements to be a post-doc researcher scholar;

  • Scholar should have a PhD but not work in any institution/organization,
  • Scholar should not have an academic title of associate professor or higher,
  • There should not be over 7 years between the date of getting PhD and the date when the person will be assigned in the project (petition date). (In case our female researcher takes leave due to childbirth within the specified period; If the birth certificate or the identity document of the children is sent to deik@tubitak.gov.tr ​​by e-mail in the attachment of the petition, one year will be added to this period for each birth)

Who cannot be Principal Investigator?

The highest level managers of the public institutions/organizations, deputies and assistants of them (Rector, Vice Rector, Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physician, Hospital Director, Minister, Deputy Minister, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Provincial Director of National Education, etc.) cannot act as PI if they are still working in those positions during the application, but they can be researchers in 3 (***) projects at most.

Conditions to Apply for ARDEB-BİDEB Programs simultaneously (Table)

Limits for taking part in projects (Table)

(*) Consultant: researcher or expert whose knowledge is used for a secondary subject of project, requiring special expertise.

(**) TUBITAK ARDEB Governing Board and Advisory Board members can take part as consultants in projects submitted to calls opened within the scope of European Union Framework Programs (projects where joint evaluation is carried out by international independent reviewers).

(***) International projects, 1000 and 1002 projects are not included in quota.