Amount and Duration of the Fellowship

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Fellowship period is minimum 24 months and maximum 36 months.

Support Items for 2232 International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Programme

Support Item

In Turkish Lira

Support Item

In Turkish Lira (per month)

Initial Research Grant (Lump Sum) for Experienced Researchers


Scholarship for the Coordinator


Research Project Grant

Up to 1.650.000

Family Allowance for the Coordinator


Travel allowance

Cost of flight tickets for arrivals

Scholarship for Establishing Research Team (for expenses related up to 5 postgraduate student or postdoc researcher)

MSc full / part time scholarship (10.000 TL / 3.000 TL)

PhD full / part time scholarship (14.000 TL / 4.200 TL)

Post-Doctoral Researcher full time scholarship

(19.000 TL)



Institutional Share Allowance for Host Institution




Project incentive bonus for Researchers




Health insurance for the coordinator and his/her family

Per person 150